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      Michael Bankston is in the construction business specializing in foundation repairs and house leveling. Mississippi Foundation Repair Specialists employs over 35 people that provide services for clients across the state of Mississippi, with the majority of work being in central Mississippi. Many homes in the State, especially in and around the Jackson area, were built on less than desirable materials many years ago before much was understood concerning mitigation of soils. As a result of this many home that were built are now "settling" on these poor materials causing doors not to close, windows to be not square, floor cracking and a lot more.

     It is well known that rainwater runoff, and groundwater interactions on these poor materials will cause a shrink swell interaction that is dependent on soil moisture content. This is a major cause of house settling. Mississippi Foundation Repair Specialists will conduct a site assessment that will address this potential for water interactions near the structure, and develop a drainage solution that is unique to the specific application. By the removal of the water from the equation the issue of home leveling becomes somewhat more simplified in that this poor material has been remediated. Without the water the more stable the structure is going to be because the soil is no longer moving as much in wet verses dry periods.

     Mike Bankston works hard and while most Mississippians either hunt or fish, he would rather be at the drag strip chipping away at the stone so-to-speak. Michael is well known in the ranks of drag racers here in Mississippi as the "NOS Boss". If it is at the track and is being "sprayed" Michael Bankston has probably already been there and done that. He is current state record holder for a nitrous car with a 4.00 ET and 186 mph in the eighth mile. To properly place this into context, a football player that runs a 4 flat 40 yard dash is considered practically untouchable. Well, the cars that Mike currently has in the stable are capable of running two football fields plus another 20 yards in the same 4 flat time!

     Take a minute to learn more about Bankston Boyz Racing on the following pages! We will attempt to have results posted as soon as we have them...

On behalf of Bankston Boyz Racing and Michael Bankston, welcome!


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